At the beginning of June, Dutch Wavemaker Irene van der Water is going to Shanghai together with a number of students from HZ University of Applied Sciences.

Inspired by the Discovery Bay International school in Hong Kong, who have made their school plastic free, the Dutch Wavemakers have the ambition to roll out a program for Plastic free schools in China towards the Olympic Winter games of 2022.

During a Wetskills Challenge at the beginning of June in Shanghai, they are going to develop a program with Chinese students. And of course they are going to try it out at a high school in Shanghai, and that school is going to be te first wastefree school.

We are also present at the Aquatech, the largest water gathering in the world, to promote the water studies of the HZ University of Applied Sciences and try to make Chinese students enthusiastic abouty studying in the Netherlands.

Dutch Wavemakers in China
Dutch Wavemakers in China

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