Dutch Wavemakers are young Dutch water athletes with a top sport ambition and a large international network and are trained to be water ambassadors. The young athletes form teams with students Water Management from all over the world and represent a rich variety of expertise: from engineer to water researcher and water manager. Here as well, spontaneous (inter) national networks arise. They already build dynamic, global networks in an early stage, they know what professional sports are and bring a fresh vision to water related challenges. They are intrinsically motivated to carry out this mission because of their passion for and dependence on clean, sufficient and safe water.
Dutch Wavemakers
Dutch Wavemakers


The campaign consists of an educational program* that is linked to major world events such as the Volvo Ocean Race and the Olympic Games. The dot on the horizon is Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo!

The entire campaign consists of the following parts:
1. Sustainable education program (age 8-14 years)
2. Water Labs (age 5-17 years)
3. Guest lectures and brainstorming sessions with Triple Helix on the Human Capital Agenda.
4. Social media campaign

* During the VOR edition 2017-2018, 18.000 children aged between 8 and 14 participated in our educational program in the Netherlands. During the stopover in Cape Town, another 2.500 children and 5.000 children in Hong Kong and Newport participated.

Dutch Wavemakers
Dutch Wavemakers