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Wetskills-Romania 2019

June 3 – June 14

Romania has it all! A vary diverse water system, and thus water challenges and solutions. Varying from high mountains up to the largest Delta of the European Union: Danube Delta. The Danube river has its longest stretch in Romania which provides much transboundary interaction and Romania has smaller rivers. As relatively new member of the European Union, Romania needs to comply to many directives as Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive.


Many developments on water and wastewater in large urban areas, but also remote rural villages It has a large experience of dealing and suffering from floods, both flash floods, as well as inundation by rivers/sea. Energy & water, but also irrigation: Romania has many dams and irrigation systems. And the country itself is inspiring and various: From the booming big Bucharest with its historic buildings and churches, immens large People’s Parliament and the Old City with bars, pubs as heart of the City to idillic smaller cities and villages in epic Transylvania and more low and dry Wallachia (border to Bulgaria) and the Europe’s largest bioreserve Danube Delta.

Time for a new Wetskills event, the fourth one! This event is aligned to the Official Opening of the Flood Proof Romania Polder (in Facau, 40 minutes southwest of Bucharest), a look-a-like testing facility as the Flood Proof Holland in Delft. The event’s theme is about ‘testing and implementing smart water management innovations‘. The final presentations will be organized at the Brigaid Conference (13 June 2019 )and the winning team will be announced during the Opening of the Flood Proof Romania Polder.

Apply for Wetskills-Romania 2019 (period: 3-14 June)
This fourth Wetskills edition in Romania will be hosted by Technical University for Civil Engineering in Bucharest, Politehnica University of Bucharest, partnered by Apele Romane, Brigaid (H2020) project, Romanian Water Association, Agriculture University of Bucharest and Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands.


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(Extended) Deadline for registration: Still Open; Some last positions left: register ASAP to join this event!

(After the first deadline, every week Wetskills Foundation will select the last candidates on a first come first serve basis.)

Register now

Participation fees

  • Local participants with accommodation in Bucharest: participation fee of 50 euros.
  • International participants and local participants needing accommodation in Bucharest participation fee of € 275,- (excl. 21% VAT in NL).

The programme fee includes: field trips, social activities, workshops, working locations, supervision, some of the meals and the Finals and Awarding ceremony. The participant fee excludes the international and local travel (plain, train, bus, etc.) and all other daily costs not included in the program fee.

Note: The Wetskills organisation is striving to find possibilities to keep the costs to the participants at a minimum. During past editions participants often successfully arranged financial compensation for their Wetskills participation from their university or employer. We therefore strongly encourage applicants to inquire about funding opportunities to compensate the costs (university mobility funds, travel allowance etc.).

More information

For more information about this event, contact Laura Stanescu (laura.stanescu@wetskills.com) and Johan Oost (johan.oost@wetskills.com).

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Case 1: Blue Deal drought Craiova Plain Romania inception

Case owner: BlueDeal – Dutch Water Authorities

More information about the concrete case description will follow.

The Blue Deal programme offers long-term collaboration with regional and national governments in finding and developing solutions to improve water management. The Blue Deal programme focuses on providing support, creating opportunities for people and businesses, and the exchange of knowledge and experience in water management and water governance with other countries.


Case 2: Flash-Bag: temporary embankment for flash floods

Case owner: Flash-Bag Consortium (Pagan & H2Oost)

The Flash-Bag is an innovative prototype for a temporary embankment retaining flash floods. This technique has been developed during previous Wetskills activities in Romania. The next step is to create a testing at the newly constructed Flood Proof Romania testing facility in Facau. Easy said, but not so easily done!! The Flash-Bag has the potency to become an interesting product for public and/or private clients, but still the conditions, characteristics, maintenance and use need to be investigated. How can the Flash-Bag become a tested and certified product and how can it be implemented in the Romanian context?

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