Dutch Wavemakers is a campaign that works under the #TalentforWater. An initiative that has been developed with a large international network including the Dutch government, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Top Sector Water.


We want to reach the next generation worldwide to create awareness and inspire them how they can make a difference by taking action. We do not achieve this with a raised finger, but in a friendly and accessible way. We form teams of top athletes together with students and they are trained by us to be water ambassadors. The athletes are our storytellers, they travel around the world for their sport, can quickly build new networks and have a huge reach on social media. The students secure the knowledge. Both have an intrinsic passion for water and technology and need clean, safe and sufficient water


Having clean, safe and sufficient amounts of water is not self-evident. In the coming years we need to have more attention for the protection of the world regarding water, clean oceans and therefore, invest. This will be necessary to continue enjoying water and to maintain our water stock. Offering a fun experience that makes people curious and makes them wonder does stimulate attention and engagement. Sports and adventure are domains that attract a lot of people, especially children and young adults. Therefore, an adventurous (water) sport event offers the unique opportunity to promote water awareness.
Dutch Wavemakers
Dutch Wavemakers